Welcome to my experience with Hive.

I thought I would share my thoughts and document some of the things that have happened.

This is a work in progress.

Please feel free to comment.

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  1. As the start of British Summer Time came as such a surprise to the HIVE team, I thought I could be constructive and helpful by pointing out that it will end on OCTOBER 25TH so that you could perhaps all start planning now…

  2. I feel for you regarding your experience with the Hive installation and customer support, but I am not surprised!
    The root of the problem is, as ever, an industry which is new to controls generally and IT in particular. The help desk is hamstrung by low paid staff who, before they joined had little idea about controls or IT and have had training which is very prescriptive in scope.
    The start point of “helpdesks” tends to be based on the assumption that YOU must be doing something wrong. If the problem is not finger trouble then they are instantly off piste and in big trouble 🙁

    So they send an “engineer”, these are the guys that left a mess and didn’t get it going properly in the first place! At best they are good plumbers and Gas safe qualified but this does not mean they know anything about controls or IT either 🙁

    Even worse, both of the above are almost certain to be under huge pressure to get you off their collective back and move on to the next nuisance.

    I have just bought a Hive thermostat, Hub and receiver on the internet, installed it today and it all appears to be working perfectly 🙂 But I do know a little about such things, and being recently retired, have time to mess with it as required.

  3. We’re moving into a rental property that has this Hive thing – I’m crap with IT stuff and don’t want to use it – also I don’t have a ‘smart’ phone that can talk to it.

    Can I adjust it the old fashioned way? (ie: using my fingers to turn the knob)
    Does it have to be connected to wifi?
    Does it send my data to someone else?
    Is it safe and hack free?

    Quite frankly if I’d bought a house with it in I’d rip it out and throw it away as I’m perfectly capable of setting the thermostatic valves on the radiators to vary the temperature in each room. I also have no desire to have something turning my heating down when I’m out as my dogs will freeze.

    Honestly I wish I wasn’t moving in now because of it, I’m getting worked up about being able to use it or not as seems to be the case with the majority of reviews that I can find.


  4. Having had problems with my Hive Installation since introducing the bulbs, Hive have been extremely cooperative and helpful. over at least 3 months they have been in constant touch and have come up with a firmware update that has solved the problem, well done.

  5. I am having a problem with my unit in the kitchen the light at the top is normally green
    all the time and it is now showing red I can’t get the Hive Thermostat to come on at all
    I am 80 years old and living on my own and I do not know what I can do .I have my Hive Thermostat book but it does not explain regarding the red light on in the kitchen
    and also does not inform me how I can get the Hive Thermostat box working pleas can you help me Shirley Gardiner

    1. I enjoy IT as a hobby and had extreme difficulty setting it all up.

      It is working but no idea what I did to make it work.


  6. I have just installed Hive Active heating and have a simple question about the PC App dashboard. When hot water is scheduled ‘on’, the orange blob on the hot water disc on the dashboard remains orange. I would have expected it to go out when the hot water reached temperature. Does this mean that my cylinder thermostat is faulty and is continuously calling for hot water heating, or does the app not show whether the zone valve is being called or not?
    Can anyone advise?
    Thanks, Paul.

  7. Having constant issues with Hive. Had it fitted 4 years ago, and think its not worked more than it has worked. Better to do things manually. Hive hub gone down regularly and had to have a new one, connections always dropping out, was told to upgrade as our system was old that was why we were having problems, said it if was old after 4 years, there was no was I was upgrading for £150 every few years which technology that was pretty useless. Presently working the boiler manually until we receive their latest idea, a signal booster. Not sure that will help either!

  8. Had Hive installed for heating with a new boiler 4 years ago, had nothing but problems, worked very little, and usually left the house cold when on holiday. Always losing connection, service desk not very helpful always assuming YOU are the problem! Had to have a new Hive hub twice, latest one is we need a signal booster suddenly, they are sending one out in the post, but don’t think that will solve it. Then they tried to get us to upgrade for £150. Not upgrading to something that doesn’t work in first place.

    1. I have had Hive working quite well for a couple of years, but 7 days ago, it is a bit like my cat on bonfire night, it is now cowering in the corner refusing to do anything. I cannot get the thermostat to connect, and so can’t control anything by hand – its the same story for the lights and plugs, but I don’t even care about them at the moment. The app and web appear to think it is all working, although changing anything through those has no effect on the actual boiler. I have wasted 7 hours on this so far today and have lost the will to live. I have run up and down stairs repeatedly, at the command of the engineers, who, haven’t got me any closer at all. I would have felt better if they’d at least posted me a replacement hub, so I could at least prove its not a hardware issue. This is hopeless

  9. I don’t know if this is the right place to ask but I am thinking of buying a Hive. Are you able to look at history say going back a month regards actual times when the heating was set to start / stop on a daily basis?

  10. Ww purchased an expensive Boiler System with Hive facility from British Gas a few years back. The hub stopped working today, I contacted Hive (apparently they are a separate company from British Gas or so they said) and after 2 phone calls the last one lasting for 1 hour 45 minutes I was eventually told that the hub I have is no longer supported by Hive. Why it took her this long to fathom this out I don’t know. So an expensive system I purchased is now useless to me as I cant use it via my mobile. I was told my heating system was an old type!!!!!!!!! and it isn’t supported anymore. The only option was to upgrade at a cost of £19.99 per month or one off payment of £99.00???????? After much deliberation (lol) I went for the one off payment. Asked for a receipt but apparently there system is not geared up to give receipts, what a load of rubbish. I wonder how long this latest hub will last before I have to upgrade again? Furthermore because I was on the phone for longer than an hour I will be penalised financially by my phone company. BEWARE OF ANY DEALINGS WITH HIVE !!!!

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